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Physical Therapy

“We Get YOU RESULTS!” The expert staff at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center provide hands-on physical therapy to quickly relieve your pain, help you recover from injuries or surgery, and help you get results so you return to normal activities quickly. Located in Sterling, Virginia our office is conveniently located in Loudoun County to allow easy access from surrounding communities…

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Why physical therapy

Did you know that physical therapists are highly trained specialists?  We specialize in movement and  function of the body and we are trained in evaluating movement, strength, and function and identifying abnormalities without requiring expensive testing. Using special hands-on tests we have the ability to help you identify the cause of your pain and decreased movement and using our knowledge of the body we can develop specialized treatment plans just for you.

Knee physical therapy

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Our highly trained team of clinicians use their expertise to decrease pain, improve strength and mobility, and help you as you recover from surgery and injuries – all of which lead to a better quality of life. With each patient we strive to provide the highest quality of care through hands on techniques, patient education, and one to one care; all while creating a personalized treatment plan for you. Our physical therapists are hand-picked for their skill and caring personalities as well as their desire to provide excellent care.


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In lieu of treats and gifts, we ask that you share  with anyone you meet how we can help them recover from injury or illness through our care. Don't let them wait. Have them call us right away so we can get them started on the road to recovery. Share our care - there's plenty to go around!